7 Civilized and Responsible Ways to Deal with Plagiarism ...


There are many ways to deal with plagiarism in a civilized, mature, and responsible manner. When you're a writer, whether you write for a publication or manage your own blog, plagiarism is regrettably a way of life. You learn in high school and college that it's wrong, and that if you're quoting, borrowing information, or even sharing your inspirations verbatim, you have to cite your sources; in school, it's the kind of thing that can result in a failing grade or worse, so it becomes second-nature. Given the online environment, however, plagiarism has a tendency to become acceptable to some people. Maybe they believe that everything on the internet is public domain, or perhaps they're certain they'll never get caught. They will, however; they almost always do. Even Shia LaBeouf got caught out for plagiarizing a Yahoo! Answers apology! So if you should find that someone has stolen your writing, take a deep breath, stay calm, and employ one or more of the following ways to deal with plagiarism.

1. Cover Your Tracks and Keep Records

If your content is published online, Google usually has you covered, in that it knows what blogs or articles were published first. All the same, you should be saving everything you write to your hard drive. Wherever you publish will keep track of dates as well. This gives you three ways to deal with plagiarism because you can prove that your content came first. That's often important in the fight to receive credit or to get content taken down.

Make Sure It's Yours
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