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Christmas Greetings to All Our Wonderful Stalkers ...

By Neecey

Dearest readers, the AWS writers have a few Christmas messages to share:

1 Jen

Here's to a holiday season and new year of love and laughter, and happily ever after.

2 Rosalina

Roses are red,
Snowballs are white,
May your Christmas days be merry and bright.
Merry Christmas!


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3 Alicia

Wishing all of our readers a beautiful holiday season!

4 Jackie

Thank you to all of our loyal readers this year for your outstanding comments and devotion! We love you all and look forward to seeing you in the New Year! Yay!

5 Holly R

Enjoy the holidays and don't forget to treat your family and friends like the gifts they are.

6 Michelle

Give all you can and expect nothing in return. This is the true spirit of the holiday.

7 Pinky

Wishing you peace, joy, love this holiday season!

8 Sheila

Ho Ho Ho lovely readers! I hope you have had a fab year and I hope 2015 brings you tons of magical moments. Happy Holidays! *squishy hug*

9 Suzana

Greetings from Brazil! Wish you all a lovely Christmas and may 2015 be a year of more love and fulfillment.

10 Carly

Happy Holidays! I hope this is the best year yet for you!!

11 Lisa

Happy Happy Holidays to all of the rad AWS readers!!

12 Corina

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and may the spirit of this wonderful holiday warm your heart and home this season!

13 Shannon R

Happy holidays, everyone, wherever you are.

14 Breton

Wishing all of our readers a merry Christmas and a blissful new year.

15 A.J

I wish you girls lots of laughs, strength to beat the Xmas bulge, and a hangover-free January 1.

16 Crystal

Happy Holidays to all my wonderful and beautiful readers!

17 Avantika

Here's wishing you a very merry Christmas and a super new year. Hope 2015 brings loads of love, luck and all around cheer!

18 Alison

May yours be Merry and Bright!!! Thanks for reading our articles :)

19 Andra

Happy Holidays to THE most fabulous readers on the planet!

20 Jelena

Happy Holidays, loves! Here’s for another year of our friendship and many more to come. Love fiercely, laugh loudly, learn with a passion and don’t be shy to let yourself shine like the star you are!

21 Jessica

Holiday blessings and cheer to all of you lovely, dedicated AWS fans! May you experience a renewed joy and peace this coming New Year!

22 Ellie

Thank you all for reading, and I wish you the happiest of Christmases ahead. Have a wonderful holiday, and see you in the New Year!

23 Sabrina

Have a blessed Christmas everyone! I hope your day is filled with joy, family, friends, and great food!

24 Lyndsie

Whatever holiday you celebrate, embrace the love that's all around you and remember to save some for yourself!

25 Shannon P

Happy Holidays, lovely readers! Peace, love, and light in the New Year ahead. Keep it curly! ^_^

26 Cassandra

Sending warm wishes, virtual hugs and holiday cheer from NYC! XOXO

So it just remains for me to sign off with my own very best wishes to you all. I hope all your dreams for 2015 come true but remember you have to work a little for them too, so don’t forget, we at AWS are always here to help you!

Thank you for your amazing support!

A very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a Prosperous NEW YEAR to you all. God bless.

And Happy Stalking in 2015!

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