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Random Acts of Candy ...

By Leiann

Although it may sound weird, random acts of candy ARE random acts of kindness. Follow the video to see examples!

Think about it... You could be having the worse day ever, while walking down the road because of a flat tire in the pouring rain. Out comes a silly-dressed person with a piece of candy and a smile. Would such a person kind-of make you de-stressed? Yes? No? If so, would you pay it forward?

Random acts of kindness can be done in a zillion ways, but have you ever heard of being accomplished with candy? You can even buy sugar-free. You can stock up on the candy at the dollar store.

A little sweetness of candy will get those feel-good endorphins flowing. Well, it would be kind-of hard to pass out lasagna on the sidewalk!

Much kindness to you!

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