7 Unexplained Ancient Artifacts That Should Not Exist ...

By A.J.

7 Unexplained Ancient Artifacts That Should Not Exist ...

Unexplained ancient artifacts can be found all over the world, with some dating back hundreds or even thousands of years. Their strange origin, unknown use, and the mind-twisting circumstances of their discovery make these unexplained ancient artifacts stand out even among the most unusual things found throughout history.

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The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is among the strangest unexplained ancient artifacts ever discovered. Said to date back to the early 1400s and believed to be coded, the more than 170,000 glyphs and diagrams of plants and stars it contains are still a mystery today, no one having managed to decipher their meaning.


The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient artifact that has baffled experts for centuries. It is believed to date back to the early 1400s and is composed of more than 170,000 glyphs and diagrams of plants, stars, and other unknown symbols. Despite its age, the manuscript has never been deciphered, and its purpose and origin remain a mystery.

The manuscript was discovered in 1912 by Wilfrid Voynich, a book dealer from Poland. It has been studied by cryptographers, linguists, and historians from around the world, but no one has been able to make sense of its contents. It is written in an unknown language and contains illustrations of plants that do not exist in nature.

The Voynich Manuscript is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time. It has been speculated that the manuscript could be a book of secrets, a lost language, or even a hoax. Whatever its true purpose, the manuscript is an example of the many unsolved mysteries of the ancient world that continue to captivate and elude us to this day.


The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Discovered in the 1930 by plantation workers, the spheres of Costa Rica are basically large balls of stone varying in sizes, some measuring more than 8 feet in diameter and weighing about 16 tons. Their purpose and origin is unknown, and strangest of all, no one knows how they were cut with such precision.


The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica are one of the most mysterious ancient artifacts known to exist. Located in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica, these mysterious stone spheres were discovered in the 1930s by plantation workers. The spheres range in size from a few centimeters in diameter to over 8 feet in diameter and weigh up to 16 tons.

What makes the Stone Spheres of Costa Rica even more mysterious is that no one knows how they were cut with such precision. Even more perplexing is that no one knows who created them or for what purpose. Some theories suggest that the spheres were used as part of a religious ritual or as markers for astronomical events.

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica are an example of a mysterious ancient artifact that has been left unexplained. While the purpose and origin of the spheres remain unknown, they are an interesting example of the many mysteries that exist in the world.


The Baghdad Battery

This is probably one of the most interesting unexplained ancient artifacts currently known to exist. It consists of a clay vessel that houses components that experts say could have been used as galvanic cells meant for electroplating gold – a process that involves the use of electricity and which was developed in the 1800s. So how did that knowledge end up in ancient Baghdad?


Piri Reis’ Map

The Piri Reis map was copied in the 1500s from an older one allegedly dating back to the year 300 AD. What’s strange about this map is that it not only shows an accurate depiction of the American continents’ eastern coast, but also seems to have an accurate representation of Antarctica from a time when it had yet to be covered by snow.


The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull

The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull is one of the most mysterious unexplained ancient artifacts ever found. Named after the British adventurer and explorer who discovered it in a Mayan pyramid, the skull, along with its detachable jaw, was crafted with extraordinary precision out of a single block of clear, quartz crystal.

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The Dropa Stones

Discovered in China in the late 1930s, the Dropa stones don’t look very strange at first sight. However, aside from the fact that they resemble early phonograph records, their visible spiral grooves are accompanied by tiny hieroglyphs. These, upon closer inspection, seem to tell the tale of spaceships crashing in the nearby mountains, flown by people who called themselves the Dropa.


The Coso Artifact

The Coso artifact was discovered in California in 1961 and was mistakenly considered to be a simple geode at first. After being dug out of the stone it was trapped in, it was actually described to resemble a somewhat eccentric design of a spark plug, containing a small spring and a porcelain rod housed by a hexagonal casing. What’s really strange about this artifact is that the rock it was found in was estimated to have taken about 500,000 years to form.

It’s enough to just glance at some of the evidence (or lack thereof) behind the stories of these artifacts to know that there are at least several curious mysteries involved. What do you think the explanation for some of these remarkable findings might be?


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Aliens!! 👽👽

Thank you. I love to read about things like this.


Ooooo very interesting! Hope one day we'll see what they really are and decipher the mystery!

Dropa stones were debunked three years ago!

The ancient Egyptians had huge batteries.. Two stone jars that they placed side by side, filled with an acid liquid and put a strip of copper from one jar to the other. It's been on display at the British museum for at least 35yrs in the Egyptian section