7 Brilliant Examples of Recycling around the World ...

Iā€™m sure you all do your own recycling which while on a small scale is a great effort when scaled up, but there are some very interesting recycling projects around the world that go beyond doorstep collections and local recycling centers. Some countries have some unique recycling projects. These countries have embraced the green ethic and some of them even have laws to enforce the requirements. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

1. Germany

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Germany has quite a few recycling projects including one for dead animals. Animals from the home and on roads are put into their recycling bins and the fats are rendered from them. The fats may be used in a number of industrial and consumer applications. They also charge a fee for picking up rubbish, but will pick up your recycling for free. As a result, any leftover food on the plate tends to go down the toilet instead of in the bin.

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