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The Best Videos about a Luxury Lifestyle for Girls Who Dream of Being Rich ...

By Deeceebee

Hey Stalkers. Today I have some fun videos about a luxury lifestyle to share. Do you crave a jet-setting lifestyle? Do you want to be so successful you can enjoy the very finest things in life? Many of us dream about unlimited holidays in far off exotic places, travel by chauffeured limousine, shopping at exclusive designer boutiques, wearing jewelry dripping with diamonds and so on. Sure, money doesn’t buy everything but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich, powerful and successful. Alux is a company who shares videos on YouTube about the high flying, elite lifestyle. If you want to know the ins and out of being rich, check out these Alux videos about a luxury lifestyle.

1 The 10 Most Expensive Houses of Movie Stars

We know that today’s actors and actresses command huge fees – in the multi-million dollar range - and they can afford the finer things in life. That means a fabulous home. Let’s take a tour of movie star homes and drool over the number of bedrooms, swimming pools and extra special features money can buy.

2 The 10 Most Expensive Handbags in the World

Do you have a passion for handbags? Some designer bags are affordable if we can be bothered enough to save up to buy one that we want badly but the prices paid for these handbags is simply crazeeee.

3 The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

If you dream of getting married, it is such a thrill when your Prince Charming presents you with an absolute smasher of an engagement ring. This video introduces to the rings where bling doesn’t even begin to describe the show factor.

4 The 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World

If you are going to get married and you have the money for a big splash, your wedding can be spectacular and worthy of a multi-page spread in OK magazine. Of course, a spectacular wedding needs the bride to be dressed in the most fabulous gown.

5 The 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World

Dogs are a designer accessory these days. There’s rarely a socialite that doesn’t have a handbag dog. But are those teeny pooches among the most expensive breeds in the world or do they only become expensive when they wear a diamond studded collar? Watch the video to find out.

6 10 Most Expensive Yachts in the World

No millionaire or billionaire worth their salt would be without one of the ultimate status symbols – a luxury yacht. Everyone is usually in awe of the sleek shiny lines of sailboats lined up in the world’s swankiest marinas., so which are the best of the best?

7 The 10 Best Shopping Streets in the World

Where do you go to fill your closet that is bigger than the average house? What about when you want a little love token for your significant other? You head to the world’s best shopping streets, of course.

8 10 Most Private Romantic Getaways

When you can afford the best that means you don’t have to rub shoulders with the hoi polloi. If you want a vacation, maybe you have your own private island to escape to. If not, there are some exclusive destinations for a private romantic getaway.

9 10 Richest Families in the World

Want to marry into money? Or just interested in who has more money than anyone else? The richest families in the world have more money than we can imagine. Find out just who are the families with money to burn.

10 15 Signs You Are Rich

Some would say the true answer to the signs you are rich are that you are happy, healthy, have a decent job, have somewhere comfortable and safe to live and have family and friends who love you. That’s irrefutable but what are the signs you are financially rich?

I know a lot of you are thinking that the price of some of the items in these videos are obscene. Yes, for the price of a movie star home, you could feed refugees for a year. Trouble is, the world doesn’t work like that. Money is power and power is money and whether you despise it or not, there will always be rich and always be poor. That won’t change unless the world changes.

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