10 Best Stores for Holiday Shopping ...


Thinking about the best stores for holiday shopping? The holidays are only weeks away, and if you’re been putting off shopping because you’re not sure where to go to get just the right gift, I can help. I know exactly where to look to find something for everyone on your list, even for your friends and family who are hardest to shop for. Here are the 10 best stores for holiday shopping… they’ve never let me down. Read on!

1. Amazon.com

Perfect for: books, music, and more!

If there’s someone on your list who loves books, music, movies, or just about any other media, then you’re sure to find what they want on Amazon.com. It's one of the best stores for holiday shopping no matter what's on your list. They even have out-of-print titles in the Amazon Marketplace, and a handy “you might like” feature that shows you items similar to those you’ve selected. Another great feature is the Wish List. Search it to see if your hard-to-shop-for friend has posted a Wish List, and if so, use it. Use it. Use it to find EXACTLY what they want. It’s not cheating. Trust me.

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