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One of the most important human needs is connection; people want to feel appreciated and respected which is why there are many benefits of being friendly with people you meet. Personally, I have found that the benefits of being friendly have been very helpful in building and maintaining relationships in every situation, so I am going to share some of these benefits with you.

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Making an Impact in Someone’s Life

One of the most important benefits of being friendly is that you can make an impact in someone’s life. Everyone goes through ups and downs during the course of a day – someone you meet may have just had the worst day ever and by simply choosing to lend a hand to that person or smile at them, you could single handedly impact his/her day in a great way.


Being friendly with everyone you meet can have a great impact on your life, as well as the lives of those around you. By showing kindness and warmth, you can make someone's day brighter and even help to build meaningful relationships.

Friendliness can help to create a sense of community, and it can even help to build trust between people who may not know each other well. By being friendly, you can create a feeling of safety and security in a group of people, and help to build a sense of belonging.

Friendliness can also help to build relationships with coworkers, neighbors, and even strangers. It can help to create a sense of understanding and empathy between people, and it can help to foster a sense of unity and solidarity.

Friendliness can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, as it can create a feeling of comfort and security in a situation. By being friendly, you can create a sense of trust and understanding between people, and it can help to create a feeling of belonging.


Receive Unexpected Benefits

More often than not, if you show someone kindness and friendliness you could receive unexpected benefits. I’m not at all saying that you should only be nice to people so you can get something back, but if you express kindness out of the goodness of your heart and don’t expect something back, the person you just helped will feel your energy and may pleasantly surprise you with a gift or returned favor. You just never know.


Make New Friends

Having a friendly approach towards people you meet will open a door to making new friends. I have to say, I have met some of my best friends in line waiting for lunch at a school café, in the bathroom, in an elevator, or even in the hallway. Giving a simple compliment - “Hey, cute shoes” - could lead to a beautiful new friendship…again, you just never know!


Making friends might seem intimidating at first, but it actually begins with small, seemingly insignificant gestures. Whether you're reaching for the same avocado at the grocery store or sitting next to someone at a community event, taking the initiative to strike up a conversation can lead to meaningful connections. It doesn't have to be anything profound; an open smile, a curious question, or a shared laugh over a mishap can be the gateway to a lasting bond. So, take a chance and be the one to say hello; your future best friend could be waiting right around the corner!


Start a Love Chain

Smiling is contagious – I believe that we are all connected and feel each other’s energy. When someone is smiling or is just pleasant to be around, I feel more attracted to get to know that person and I feel more inspired to pass on that positive energy to someone else. This is a magical recipe for starting a love chain: do something nice for one person, help them see the light, and inspire that person to go do something nice for someone else.


Make a Great First Impression

Even if I am having a really bad day or going through some personal things, I always keep in mind that I have no idea what other people are going through. Because of this, I believe it’s important to leave a great first impression and imprint a positive mark of yourself in the other person’s mind.


Being friendly with everyone you meet has many benefits, both for your social life and your own personal wellbeing. When you make a great first impression, you’re setting yourself up for a positive relationship with that person. People are more likely to remember and appreciate you when you leave a good impression.

Making a great first impression also helps to create a more positive atmosphere. When people feel comfortable around you, they are more likely to open up and interact with you. This can lead to deeper conversations and meaningful connections.

In addition, when you make a great first impression, you are more likely to be invited back and even recommended to others. People are more likely to think of you when they need something or when they are looking to fill a position. This can be incredibly beneficial for your career and networking opportunities.

Finally, being friendly with everyone you meet can boost your confidence. When you are comfortable interacting with others, it can help to make you feel more secure and confident in yourself. This can help you to take on more challenges and be more successful in the long run.


Leave Open Communication

Being friendly with people you meet will also leave open communication. You never know who you will be long-term friends with or even short-term friends with, but whatever type of relationship you may potentially share with someone, it’s always great to leave open communication. Maybe a few weeks, months, years down the line you two could be in the same class or the working for the same company.


Establish Mutual Respect

Nobody wants to hang around a “Miss Grumpy Gills”, right? If we all were to walk around like our cats just got run over we would all probably be very lonely and upset all the time. Again, it’s in our human nature to want to feel connected to each other and be loved and accepted. By being friendly with others, you will initiate a mutual respect.

At the end of the day, being friendly towards others will help you feel better about yourself, too! I love to spread the love and it truly makes me happy to be friendly with other people and make them happy. Why do you think it’s a good idea to be friendly with everyone you meet?

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