7 Amazing Television Heroines from the '90s ...

As a β€˜90s child, I obsessed over my fair share of television heroines. First came the pigtails and lockets a la Sailor Moon. Then, I carried a fake stake around with me, just in case I was ever called to be a vampire slayer. If you can relate (or just think I’m entertainingly strange), here are 7 of my favorite heroines from one kickass decade.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Buffy Summers (1997-2003)

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Who could forget the high school cheerleader wielding a stake? Not only did Buffy manage to make the vamps fall at her feet, but she had a lovable Scooby Doo Gang to boot. Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar will forever hold a place in my book of fearless female heroines. I can still be a sidekick, right?

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