I Love Me Amazing Reasons to Love Yourself ...


I Love Me Amazing Reasons to Love Yourself ...
I Love Me Amazing Reasons to Love Yourself ...

You know when you love someone you want to shout it from the rooftops? Why not learn to say "**I love me"** from those very same rooftops? There are plenty of reasons to love yourself, but do you know at least 8 of them? Sometimes, it's hard to find reasons to love yourself, especially if you are going through a bad streak in your life. Well girls, I've got some of the best reasons to love yourself no matter what you're going through!

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Power & Strength

" top reason to love yourself has to be the power and strength that it gives you. When you love yourself and take the time to admit, "I love me!", you not only project that you are stronger than you think you are, but you gain power that you might not be aware of. Truthfully ladies, loving yourself can give you power and strength to get over any and everything!



Confidence is the next reason to love yourself. With confidence comes self esteem and when you love yourself you carry yourself in a way no one saw before. It doesn't matter what height or weight you are or how you look, if you love yourself, you know that you are beautiful all of the time, no matter what!


People like People Who Love Themselves

Did you know that people who actually love themselves like people who love themselves? It makes sense right, why would you want to be friends with someone who is constantly nit-picking at themselves when you love yourself? If you love yourself, you should constantly be building yourself up, not cutting yourself down and by hanging out with those who do that, you'll eventually begin to.


Inner Stability

When you love yourself, you actually feel really emotionally stable. There is a sense of inner stability that people who don't love themselves have. Being able to tell yourself and others that **I love me **is showing you have an inner stability that is unmatched. This is absolutely one of the best reasons to love yourself – no matter what!


You Minimize Self Sabotage

Do you notice that you sabotage relationships, friendships and even some family relationships? It might be because you don't love yourself. One reason to love yourself is to minimize self sabotage, so you can improve your relationships in your life and find happiness with others and within you.


Love Have to Yourself before You Can Love Anyone else

This is such a true statement. Before you can fall in love with anyone else or expect others to love you, you have to first love yourself. A lot of people who don't love themselves fall into bad habits in relationships because they don't know who they are. Try to love yourself and see how different your next relationship will be!


More Attractive

One major reason to love yourself is because it does make you more attractive, no matter what. You have confidence, you feel better overall and as mentioned before, you have a confidence in yourself that you never discovered. Those things make you more attractive.


Others Can Love You More

Finally ladies, the last reason to love yourself is because it can actually make every one you come in contact with love you even more. You won't be down on yourself and instead, you might actually build yourself and other people up. Happiness is contagious!

Loving yourself is absolutely one of the most important things in the world. It's a little difficult to do when you feel worn down, but start by saying 3 nice things about yourself a day, looking in the mirror and telling yourself I love me and watch yourself actually falling in love with YOU in no time!

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