Alternative Things to do when You CanNot Be Drinking at a Party ...


If you are under the legal drinking age and you are not allowed to drink or if you simply don’t like drinking, you can still have fun at any party. The saying “alcohol is the only way to have fun” is not actually true since there are a lot of interesting and fun things you can do at a party that don’t involve alcohol. Here are a few alternative things to do when you cannot be drinking at a party that you should consider:

1. Ask for Something That Doesn’t Have Alcohol in It

When you go to a party and you are offered a drink, make sure to ask for something that doesn’t have alcohol in it, like water, juice, soda or even a tasty non-alcoholic cocktail. If someone offers you a drink, but you don’t know what’s in it, just ask them what that beverage contains so that you’ll make sure you’re not drinking any alcohol.

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