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Keeping a spotless home is everyone’s dream, right? But we all know that life gets in the way and cleaning just falls to the back burner. Before you know it, your house is a wreck, you can’t find a clean dish, and your laundry is backed up to the ceiling! Well, the good news is you can change all of that by just 15 minutes a day. Want to know how? Read on!

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Use the One-a-day Method

There are 7 days in a week. Forget Sundays, you need one lazy day a week! That leaves 6 days a week, so pick one major chore to do each day. You can surface clean, no need to scrub corners, but take 15 minutes per day and tackle one chore. For example, on Mondays you can dust, on Tuesdays clean your bathroom, Wednesdays, you can vacuum, Thursdays, sweep and mop, Fridays, Pick up clutter, and on Saturdays you can clean the kitchen!


Train Yourself to Put Things Away Immediately

One of the biggest reasons why your home can get messy almost overnight is because of not putting things away. Kicking off shoes and jackets in the entryway, leaving dishes on the counter or in your bedroom, leaving makeup scattered on the bathroom counter, etc. If you train yourself to put something away as soon as you’re done using it, you’ll be amazed by how much cleaner your house looks and how much easier it is to get things done or find something when you need it!


Set a Timer for 15 Minutes

All you need is a timer to motivate you! Set a timer for 15 minutes and then clean like crazy. Throw dirty dishes in the dishwasher, put away clean laundry, wipe off your counters and sinks, and sweep up crumbs off the floor, whatever catches your eye that is a mess. You’ll be amazed by how much you can actually get done in 15 minutes with no interruptions if you really try hard!


Do Your Chores Right Away

Even with only 15 minutes of cleaning per day, it can still be a drag to do chores. Don’t put it off! Waiting till the evening or until after you sit down to “relax” can either cause you to forget or simply lack motivation.


Forget Having a Laundry Day

No one likes laundry day. 7 loads in one day are just too much to deal with! Forget laundry day and do a couple loads spaced out over the week. Throw in a load in the morning and switch it out after work. Or wash clothes during dinner and dry them while you do homework. Eliminates one huge laundry day! One load at a time really isn’t that time consuming.


Don’t Tackle Everything at Once

Looking at a catastrophic mess can really overwhelm and frustrate you. Don’t try to clean your entire house in 15 minutes. Instead, do the really necessary or noticeable things, and let the rest wait. Out of dishes? Wash them! Muddy floors? Mop them! You can knock out two or three chores in 15 minutes if you jump in and just get it done.


Clutter is Your Worse Enemy

Nothing can make your house look dirtier or drag you down like clutter can. Use your 15 minutes to simply pick up things than don’t belong and put them away. Over time, you can start working on organizing and weeding out clutter from your home. This will help it look not so messy when you don’t even have 15 minutes to spare for cleaning!

Keeping your house clean isn’t something that happens on its own! Even with just 15 minutes a day, you’ll need to remind and force yourself to do it! But by the end of the week, you’ll see how those 15 minutes paid off and your house is still somewhat put together! Do you have any tricks that work for keeping a spotless home in 15 minutes or less per day? Please, share your ideas in the comments section and thanks for reading!

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As they not ashtray xxx

Andi. Thankyou. You are spot on.

Omg so im not alone andi and xubi

Has this person ever lived with a man?? :(

This is great for people who don't have kids. Once you have kids you do 15 minutes of cleaning, turn around and the house is destroyed again.

Emma904. And one who thinks the floor is a nice big handy table to leave things on ? 15 minutes? More like 50 per day !

I've started a policy that I don't clean the living area until bedtime, the kids must tidy their messes away when asked. In my kids rooms I'll clean and tidy the boys ashtray are both under 4 but my daughter is 7 she must tidy her room daily I will clean, sweep and mop but the mess is not my mess. My kitchen is cleaned daily bathroom every second day. Kids are a nightmare in an organised persons world...o gave up for the longest time because they just messed everything. I still cleaned but now it is scheduled and the kids must be involved! 15 minutes though that's living in a dream land. I agree with the laundry I do 1-2 washing a day I couldn't leave it for a week my poor machine would die xx

When you declutter you can think more clearly

Haha! I will have to test this idea out! 15mins on a stop watch here I come.. But I swear I spend 15hrs a week cleaning!

Keep putting things away as soon as you've finished with them otherwise there will be no place for you in the room. I always use what I need and put it away. Whenyou

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