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We all know the value of to-do lists. They are quite simply one of the best tools for knowing what you have to do. But, they can also be very boring and uninspiring documents that seem a bit of a chore. Make things better with some free printable to-do lists like these:

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DIY Notebook

This is a set of printable lists that you make into a notepad. They are thin slips of paper with lots of lines and tick boxes. You print them off on regular paper and cut the paper into strips. You then glue the strips at the top to create your own little notebook that you have made yourself. Once you have finished one day, you can rip off the page to reveal a fresh new page where you can write out your next list.
Via Little House on the Corner


With this you list your main three priorities at the top. These are the things you simply must do during the day or the week so that you suffer no ill consequences. There are then five entries titled, “It would be nice to do these,” which are lower priority tasks. Finally, there are another five entries called, “And maybe these,” which are your bottom priority tasks.
Via Every Tuesday


This is based on the idea that if you can get at least three things done per day, then you erode away your to-do list far faster than if you try to multi-task or run through a large list as quickly as possible. The list is colorful and yet only features three tasks. It also has a social media check-in tick box for if you simply have to log into your profiles on a daily basis.
Via Design Love Fest


This is a to-do list that doubles as a daily planner. It is the sort of to-do list that you have to fill in the night before; otherwise, you will spend your entire morning filling out the categories and list slots. This is one of the most intensive free printable to-do lists because it includes time slots for each item on your list, a category for today’s top five priorities, the exercises you are going to do today and for how long, and a category for what you are eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner (tea). There is also a notes section where you can add in further details, alternatives, contingencies and amendments. Serial organizers only!
Via Simple as That


This is a colorful but simple to-do list. It is handy if your tasks cannot be summarized in a few words. It is useful because you can double up your writing on one line if you wish because there is plenty of space. You can also write a little bigger too because it has more space on it than most of the to-do lists on this post. Put a big juicy cross or tick in the box once you have finished.
Via Design Eat Repeat


As the name suggests, this is a classic to-do list template that you can use for the week. Each day has six lines where you may write your list entries. Each line has a box, so you can tick off your tasks as you do them. It also doubles as a task planner because you can write in the things you are going to do during the week.
Via A Pair of Pears


This is a to-do list with six things for each day. It is titled, “Do it for the cupcakes.” The idea is that if you tick off the six things you are supposed to do during weekdays and the three things you are supposed to do on each weekday, then you get cupcakes. There is even a small circle titled “Cupcakes” that you can tick if you have completed all tasks for the week and have earned your cupcakes.
Via Design Eat Repeat

Do you think any of these will help you get your life in order?

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