7 Absolute Essentials to Keep at Your Office Job ...


In the hustle and bustle of the 9-to-5, within the typically unpredictable workday, your survival can depend upon a few staple essentials to keep at the office. Tragedy can come in many forms, from the spontaneous meetings with the department manager to an everyday wardrobe malfunction. But with these 7 essentials to keep at the office, you’ll be prepared from manic Monday to the long-awaited Friday.

1. Hand Sanitizer

With a mounting workload and high corporate expectations, fewer and fewer employes are using that allotted sick time when they should be. When there are coworkers bitten by the flu bug and hacking up vital organs, hand sanitizer will be one of the essentials to keep at the office that you won’t want to forget. Stopping the spread of germs on shared supplies and common work areas will help keep you healthier longer, and will benefit the rest of the office workforce as well.

A Neutral Colored Cardigan
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