9 Ways to Improve Your Second Semester ...


Christmas break will be over before you know it and you’re beginning to realize that you need to improve your second semester.

First semester consisted of too many late nights and countless «I’ll do it later» talks to yourself.

Sound familiar?

If you were focused too heavily on being the social butterfly around campus, you may want to re-prioritize to improve your second semester.

Here are a few helpful tips that kept me in line in college!2

1. Prepare Yourself with Proper Materials

Having the proper materials is the most important key to improve your second semester.

This means going out to buy new notebooks, binders, pens, and sticky notes, as well as developing a new strategy to tackle all of your upcoming workload.

Target is a great place to stock up on office supplies – last year I found a weekly post-it calendar that I used religiously.

My plan of attack was to write everything down ahead of time so I would mentally prepare myself for the week ahead and it worked!

Don’t let this overwhelm you, though.

Just take a few minutes Sunday night before you go to bed to prioritize what needs to get done each day of the week such as what projects are due and what homework is due and when.

As for the office supply materials, try color-coding your subjects;

it worked like a charm for me!

2. Take Advantage of Office Hours

Professors don’t bite, I promise.

This may shock you, but professors actually DO care to see their students succeed and that’s WHY they have office hours.

If you don’t let them know that you are struggling in their class, they will think that you’re OK with a C-.

I utilized office hours to not only get questions answered but also to ask for any additional projects/papers I could work on to raise my grade.

I was a hard worker in college, definitely a nerd who’d sit in the front of the class, but if I felt myself slipping a bit, I’d go speak with my professor immediately to see if there was anything extra I could do or if they had tips/advice on how to study the material.

Utilize Your Planner
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