9 Inspiring πŸ’‘ Ways to Go Green 🌿 for Earth Day 🌎 ...


The most important date in the calendar for environmentalists this year is April 22 and if you’re looking for ways to go green for Earth Day 2017, look no further.

This is one annual celebration where you aren’t expected to splash the cash, dress in your finery and make a big song and dance about the occasion.

Earth Day is the one day of the year when absolutely everyone should be environmentally conscious and many of the ways to go green for Earth Day are easy and actually very frugal, so there’s no reason everyone cannot participate and do their bit.

1. Plant a Tree

Trees are a hugely important part of our ecosystem.

They use up all of our carbon dioxide emissions and bring much needed oxygen to our environment.

One of the best ways to go green for Earth Day is to plant a tree – so why not plant a couple?

If you can’t plant one in your own garden, get involved in local community projects and see if your local nursery would be willing to donate trees to underprivileged areas to get them involved.

Trees are the gift that keeps on giving.

2. Switch off the Stove

There’s nothing like an opportunity to have a BBQ for dinner, or to have a raw food meal that doesn’t have to use electricity to make – so no microwave meals for this one either.

Switch off the stove and oven for a day and have a salad, or do your entire meal on the BBQ.

Reducing your electricity consumption will go a long way in moves to go green for Earth Day.

3. Romance in the Candlelight

What did we do before the days of cable TV, the Internet, movies and electricity?

We used to light lamps or candles after dark and actually talk to each other, or read and play cards.

There is nothing more romantic than a meal by candlelight without the distractions of white noise in the background.

This could just well be one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day.

Leave the lights off and light candles and lamps - just take care to make sure they are all out when you go to bed.

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