7 Ways to Deal with a Less than Perfect Roommate ...


There are many ways to deal with a less than perfect roommate, so there’s no reason why you should have to suffer.

Whether your roommate is annoying, clocks ridiculous hours that keep you awake or is a party animal, you can cope so that you don’t hate going home at the end of each day.

Try out these ways to deal with a less than perfect roommate and you might be surprised to find harmony and relaxation before you know it.

1. Have a Talk

It might not be the easiest of the ways to deal with a less than perfect roommate, but having a heart to heart talk might be all you need to do.

Maybe your roommate doesn’t realize that her late-night movie marathons or the huge number of friends stopping by all the time are bothering you.

Clue her in and she might have no problem laying off for your sake.

2. Set Boundaries

Whether or not your roommate is open to making concessions to you, it’s important to set boundaries with each other.2

For example, maybe you can agree to set times where she can have a party, provided guests stay out of your room and leave before dawn arrives.

Maybe you could each label food you don’t want the other one eating and always ask before borrowing each other’s clothes.

This is an easy way to keep the respect there for both of you.

3. Divide Chores

Is your roommate a slob?

It might be as simple as dividing chores.

Talk with your roommate about what tasks she doesn’t mind doing and then assign yourself the ones you don’t hate.

Maybe she’ll clean the bathroom and you’ll mop the floors.

This way, you won’t continue being resentful about her lack of help around the house and everything will get done.

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