15 Unique Gift Ideas for Father's Day ...


I’ve come up with some unique gift ideas for Father’s Day that he’ll love, so this year we don't have to see that look on dad's face when he opens up yet another tie!

Whether the man in your life is your dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, or friend, you don’t want to miss out on how to make him feel loved.

They do so much for us, so why not show our appreciation with these unique gift ideas for Father’s Day...

1. Homemade BBQ Sauce


Usually when it comes to BBQ gift ideas for Father’s Day we think of grill sets that come with utensils and store bought sauce for the grill master.

However, this year why not kick it up a notch and make your very own homemade BBQ sauce set for dad!

I love the idea of not only making the sauce for him, but also personalizing the brush as well.

This would make a great gift for your own dad, or for brothers, uncles, and grandpa’s who love to grill too!2

Check out the recipe and idea over on innerchildfun.com.

2. Dinosaur Planter


Don’t just get dad another planter for his office, make him a kickass dinosaur one!

Spray painted toy animals are becoming very popular, they bring back childhood memories in a very chic and sophisticated way.

This unique gift idea for Father’s Day is a great way for younger kids to give dad a little piece of them while he is at work, plus all his coworkers will be asking where they can get a dinosaur planter too!

Check out the How-To on themagiconions.com.

3. Super Dad Pop Box Set


I know a certain someone who would love to receive this for Father’s Day this year;

hint hint, kids!

What guy doesn’t love superheroes and candy!

Make the guy in your life feel like a superhero with this fun DIY from lilluna.com, and why not throw in a few movie tickets or a coupon to rent one of his favorite Spider-Man or Batman movies.

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