7 Tips on Dealing with a Know-it-All Friend ...


That friend who always offers her unsolicited advice and thinks she knows everything can get a bit overbearing, but with some tips on dealing with a know-it-all up your sleeve, you can effectively deal with that friend.

That friend can really get under your skin, especially when she sits there spouting out her “worldly” wisdom on a topic that she knows nothing about.

She often seems demeaning and acts as if she is better than you.

Instead of having an out-and-out brawl (which you might just want to do), avoid hurt feelings and bad karma with these tips on dealing with a know-it-all.

1. Offer a Little Attention

One of the best tips on dealing with a know-it-all is to give her a little attention.

After all, attention is really what she is after.

Show a little enthusiasm about what she says to give her just enough attention;

but don’t overdo it, as this can result in an even bigger ego and lead to her sharing even more unsolicited advice.

Ignore Her
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