7 Tips on Dealing with a Know-it-All Friend ...


That friend who always offers her unsolicited advice and thinks she knows everything can get a bit overbearing, but with some tips on dealing with a know-it-all up your sleeve, you can effectively deal with that friend.

That friend can really get under your skin, especially when she sits there spouting out her “worldly” wisdom on a topic that she knows nothing about.

She often seems demeaning and acts as if she is better than you.

Instead of having an out-and-out brawl (which you might just want to do), avoid hurt feelings and bad karma with these tips on dealing with a know-it-all.

1. Offer a Little Attention

One of the best tips on dealing with a know-it-all is to give her a little attention.

After all, attention is really what she is after.

Show a little enthusiasm about what she says to give her just enough attention;

but don’t overdo it, as this can result in an even bigger ego and lead to her sharing even more unsolicited advice.

2. Ignore Her

While offering some attention is an effective way to deal with a know-it-all, sometimes you just have to ignore her.

If she keeps going on and on, just ignore her.

Continue your conversation with other people and don’t respond to what she says.

Eventually, she’ll take the hint (hopefully).

3. Don’t Take It Personal

The know-it-all will likely have some not-so-nice things to say at times, and these things will likely be about you sometimes.

Instead of getting hot under the collar or thinking that something is wrong with you, remember not to take her comments personally.

If you do, you could really start to develop a complex, which isn’t at all necessary.

4. Try to Understand

There is likely a good reason why the know-it-all is the way she is.

She may have self-esteem issues herself, or she may not be happy in her life.

Try to wear her shoes for a little bit and understand where she is coming from.

Doing so could help you gain a better understanding of why she acts the way that she does, and you might actually even feel bad for her.

Avoid Her
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