110 Things You Have 💯 to do before 📅 Your 21st Birthday 🎈🎉 ...


Turning twenty-one is a huge deal!

However, before that big birthday, there are a few things that you should do.

Here are a few ideas:

1. Dye Your Hair

Dye Your Hair

When you're older, people might judge you for coloring your hair bright blue or purple.3

That's why you should do it now, while you're still young.

2. See Your Favorite Band in Concert

See Your Favorite Band in Concert

It's a sad thought, but you never know when your favorite band is going to break up.

That's why you should see them in concert as soon as possible.

3. Ask Him out

Ask Him out

The older you get, the more experienced men will expect you to be.

That's why you should get some practice dating by asking out the boy you've been crushing on.

4. Get a Credit Card

Get a Credit Card

It's actually good for you to have a credit card when you're young.2

That way, you can build credit and end up getting a nice car and house when you're older.

5. Go on a Road Trip

Go on a Road Trip

If you're able to drive, then you should take a road trip with your closest friends.2

You don't have to go far, as long as you have fun!

6. Fix Your Facebook Account

Fix Your Facebook Account

You don't want to get fired from your job, just because you had an inappropriate picture posted to your Facebook.

Do your future self a favor by deleting any scandalous pictures now.2

7. Apply for Jobs

Apply for Jobs

You don't want to wait until you're older to work.

The more you have on your resume, the better.

8. Skydive


If jumping out of a plane doesn't sound like any fun to you, you should at least go on a roller coaster you've never been on before.2

Get that blood pumping.

9. Kiss a Stranger

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You don't have to be dating someone in order to kiss them.

There's nothing wrong with having casual fun with a cute boy.

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