10 Things All ๐Ÿ’ฏ College ๐ŸŽ“ Bound Students ๐Ÿ—บ Need to Know ...


As someone who just finished her first year of college, I still remember how exciting and nerve-wracking the summer before college can be.

By now, the suspense is probably killing you as you wonder how life at school will be different from life at home.

Well, let me tell youโ€”extremely different!

But different doesnโ€™t mean scary, all it means is that you need some extra mental preparation.

Here are a few pointers I wish Iโ€™d had before leaving for college.

1. Homesickness is Real

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Youโ€™ll get sick a lot freshman year;

a new environment means new germs your body is unaccustomed to, so cold and flu season will be year round for you.

But whatโ€™s worse than all of those stuffy noses and stomach pains is the heartache youโ€™ll feel for your family.

I never expected to miss my family and hometown so much, and I definitely would have appreciated fair warning about that!

Make a calling or skype schedule with your family right away, and make sure you stick to it, otherwise homesickness will strike suddenly and you wonโ€™t know why youโ€™re so sad!

2. Everything Costs Money

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Nothing grows on trees.

Not soap, not deodorant, not even toilet paper!

Even if you live on campus and your college is very generous, youโ€™ll still have to buy necessities like those while youโ€™re at school.

And everything costs money!

So make sure you account for your essentials when budgeting your funds monthly.

3. Everyone is Desperate for Friends

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You should never feel awkward about sitting down next to a stranger in the dining hall, hoping a friendship will blossom there.2

The truth is, everyone is just as desperate for friendship as you are!

Everyone is in a new place hoping to find a sense of belonging.

Maybe you can provide that for each other, but youโ€™ll never know until you take a risk and talk to them.

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