7 Sweet Gadgets to Be on the Lookout for ...


The world of technology continues to expand, leading to the creation of these sweet gadgets.

With a multitude of devices being introduced every year, I usually look for ways to maintain my well-loved and worn gadgets.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prolong the inevitable;

it is sometimes better to update your technology in order to yield better results.

Some of these sweet gadgets that are fresh on the market will be sure to keep you occupied!

1. LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printers

LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printers

These sweet gadgets are one of the greatest inventions to grace this Earth!

Compatible with the Android Smartphone, LGโ€™s Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer allows you to print your pictures on the go without having to worry about processing time.

Instagram lovers will definitely get a kick out of this gadget as it gives you an excuse to snap even more pictures!Available at Amazon and other retailers for around $110.00.

2. IGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

IGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger

Ladies, trust me when I say that this is the perfect solution to your โ€œlow-battery-warningโ€ problems.

The iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger boasts of its ability to completely charge all of your devices while you are on the run.

Despite the misleading lowercase โ€œiโ€ in its name, the best part about this gadget is that it is not only geared towards Apple products/users!

Available at thinkgeek.com for $69.99

3. Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy Headphones

While this brand has been around for quite some time, music lovers will agree that it offers some of the coolest ways to enjoy your tunes.2

Enhance your listening experience with these stylish Lowrider headphones ($50.00).

Skullcandy even offers different options in regards to its accessories.

Am I the only person that prefers on-the-ear headphones over earbuds?

4. ASUS Taichi

ASUS Taichi

When I first heard about the premise behind Asus Taichi, I was incredibly stoked!

Marketed as a dual-screened laptop and tablet, the designs featured on the ASUS Taichi are incredibly innovative.

The best part about this product is that it is still thin enough to carry with you!

Available at Amazon at the hefty price tag of $1,000+

ASUS Transformer Book
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