Shorty Story: School Stress ...


1. At School

"Oh thank God," my lab partner said after our teacher handed him his old exam.

"Got a 70."

I just blinked, wondering how he could actually be impressed with himself.

There was an 85 in the corner of my page, but I wasn't happy with it.

After all, one of the questions I'd gotten points off from was a question she never went over in class.


But a teacher being "unfair" wouldn't be a good enough excuse for having a low GPA on my college applications.

"Don't tell me you're pissed about your grade again?" my lab partner asked, trying not to smirk.

We both thought of the other as a joke.

"I skipped lunch today to study for my midterms.2

I stayed after school for three extra hours yesterday for extracurriculars and was up late all last night finishing a ten-page essay.

And now the teacher's going to take off points for something ridiculous," I said.

"So yes, I'm pissed."

The bell had rung in the middle of my rant, so I stood and walked toward the teacher.

I needed to sort out the whole 5-points-off-from-a-question-she-never-bothered-to-teach-us thing.

I was halfway to her desk when my sight faded to black.

First for one second, then for five seconds.

I grabbed the closest desk to keep myself steady, but my legs ended up buckling.

Then everything went black.

At the Hospital
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