6 Reasons You Should Always 💯 Kill Them with Kindness 🙏🏼 ...


'Kill them with kindness' doesn't always have to be seen in a negative way or as a form of manipulation, as many believe.2

Instead, it's up to us to use it in a positive way so that we can all incorporate it into our lives.

1. You Become a Better Person

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When we say and do nasty things to people, sometimes it can make us feel nasty about ourselves instead of leaving us feeling better.

This is especially true if you're a good person who tries to avoid conflict and negative confrontation.

But on the other hand, making an effort to be a genuinely good person makes us feel really great about ourselves.

Treating other with kindness will do this for you and will leave you feeling happy and positive.

2. It Helps You Achieve

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This reason comes from a genuine and good place as well.

A good example of when to kill them with kindness is in a personal situation where things are not going well or it's turning negative, to the point that you're not comfortable with the way it currently is.

And even when this happens it can be very hard for us to change it alone.2

So, you can kill them with kindness to help this happen for you.

There will be a much higher chance things will change in a positive way from acting this way, rather than deciding to make demands.

3. It Spreads Positivity

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One of the best reasons is because it means you're bringing a whole lot of kindness into the world, which is always a positive thing!

We should all spread positivity at every chance we get because it really does make the world a better place.2

4. It's Gratefully Received

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As we all know, not everyone in this world displays kindness and so often we're met with rudeness and negativity rather than kindness and love from others.

So when we do come across someone who displays kindness to such an extent, it really does go noticed and it will be gratefully received by each person you decide to be kind to.

You're Treating Other Well
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