7 of the Most Awkward Situations to Find Yourself in ...


Awkward situations are just well… awkward...

but what are some of the most awkward situations that you could find yourself in?

The situations in the following list are some of the most awkward situations that have you feverishly considering your nearest escape route and wishing the earth would open up and swallow you whole!

1. Sharing is Not Caring

A friend of mine was alone in her office the other day and took the opportunity to pass wind, immediately afterwards her boss walked in to have a chat to her.

She said that his facial expression changed as soon as he walked into the room and that they both just looked at each other for a brief second while her face flushed red.

How awkward!

We all like to pretend we have never been in this one of the most awkward situations, but come on, let’s be honest…

2. Caught Skiving

Have you ever pulled a sicky at work and then ran into your boss or a colleague whilst you were out that day?

There is nothing you can say to repair the damage, but you continue to rattle off some more excuses and feign sickness, whilst you both know you are talking rubbish.

I have a friend who called her boss and said she was too sick to come into work and then immediately after calling him she accidentally sent him a text saying ‘F**k I am hungover’ which was obviously meant for someone else.


3. Who Are You?

Ever bumped into someone you know and gone to introduce them to the person you are with and you can not remember their name?2

The awkwardness that ensues once everyone realizes what is happening makes you want to jump out of your own skin.

4. Cringe-worthy Contact

Have you ever gone in for a hug but misread the situation and been jabbed in the stomach by someone’s attempt to shake your hand?3

Or gone in for a hug but the other person was going for a high five?

Or even worse, gone in for a high five, and the other person didn't see, and you have to awkwardly lower your hand whilst hoping no one saw?

I recently went in for the double kiss (one on each cheek) and the person turned their face to soon and our lips brushed each others'!

(It wasn't hot;

it was awkward, seeing as it was my sister’s female boss.)

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