30 of Life's Simple Pleasures ...


In these days of hectic lifestyles and high tech gadgets, it’s good to remind ourselves of life’s simple pleasures.

Sure, it’s great to know that your iPhone can remind you to get to your next appointment on time, but life’s simple pleasures don’t need an app to deliver, and most times don’t cost money either.

Here’s my list of life’s simple pleasures.

1. A Lie-in on a Rainy Day

When the rain is spattering on the window, your bed becomes a sanctuary.

Snuggling deeper into the pillow and pulling the quilt up to your nose or settling in with the latest blockbuster while the weather does its thing is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures.

2. An Unexpected Compliment

We all love to be complimented, and it’s even nicer when it comes as a surprise.

The day might have been dreary or proceeded normally and suddenly, an unexpected source says something really nice about/to you – suddenly the day seems so much brighter.

3. People Watching

Better than endless re-runs and not-so-hot movies – the best reality show ever is people watching.2

One of the simple pleasures of life is enjoying the unique quality of every individual when they are in action, whether they’re shopping, walking arm in arm with a loved one, dabbing each crumb of a croissant in a coffee shop or talking animatedly on a cell phone.2

4. Stereo Speak

Some of the really simple joys of life can be so insignificant yet produce an instant smile.

It might be a rare occurrence, but I’m sure you know what I mean about the reaction you have when you say the same thing simultaneously with someone else.

Random but smile-worthy.

5. Unexpected Windfalls

Ok, so that’s a little exaggeration, but who doesn’t love to find money you didn’t know you had?

A $20 bill tucked into a pocket from the last time you wore those pants or a few bucks down the side of the sofa – so what if it doesn’t make you a millionaire?

You’re richer than you were a few minutes ago.

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