7 Smart Youtube Channels 💻Girls with Brains Will Love 📹 ...


We live in a world overflowing with data, information, images, and advertisements.

With all of that flying around, it’s often difficult to feed your mind nutritious information, without being totally bored and starved of entertainment.

But don’t worry, these YouTube channels are all informative AND entertaining—perfect for the curious 21st century viewer!

1. DNews

I’m absolutely addicted to DNews!

But it’s a healthy addiction if there ever was one!2

As one of the most informative and entertaining YouTube channels, DNews has videos filled with quick bursts of information presented in an exciting and easy-to-understand way.

You can learn just about anything in ten minutes or less from the friendly reporters on DNews!

2. Ted

You might already know from some of my other articles that I’m obsessed with TED talks, but it’s for a good reason!

TED talks cover a variety of topics from science and technology to history and social justice.2

Odds are, if you’ve thought of it, there’s a TED talk on it!

If not, you can start preparing for your own TEDx talk someday!

3. Buzzfeed Blue

Buzzfeed videos will often make you laugh out loud, and Buzzed Blue is not an exception.

However, it’s more informative than some of the other Buzzfeed channels, so you’ll find more videos that stimulate thought and satisfy your curiosity.

4. Vlogbrothers

Hank and John Green have helped many students survive exam season with their Crash Course videos, but if you just want to have more general knowledge about the world around you, Vlogbrothers is the YouTube channel for you!

You’re sure to appreciate their charisma and sense of humor, as well as the brotherly friendship between them.

5. CGP Grey

We all have so many questions that can’t be easily answered—except, wait, they can!2

Those complicated questions about history, geography, and anthropology you’ve been pondering for ages are finally answered in many of CGP’s interesting videos!

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