9 Great Websites with Free Shipping Worldwide ...


Websites with free shipping worldwide are a divine bliss when devouring the world of online shopping.

We've all been there: you click on the item you want with intense joy, (OMG!

I can't believe I found it!

And it's cheap too!) then you proceed to checkout only to find the shipping costs are twice the amount of the actual product.

Your excitement is short-lived and the thought of receiving your item right at your doorstep flies away as quickly as you hit the little red X button.

But cue these great websites with free shipping worldwide, especially those with no minimum spend, and you might need a little more than self-control to restrain those fingers from clicking away ...


One of the more well-known websites with free shipping worldwide is the UK fashion and beauty store ASOS.

Along with its own range of items, ASOS also sells over 850 brands.2

Talk about being spoilt for choice!

ASOS caters to both women and men.

That said, you know where to go if you're looking for a gift for a guy.

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