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7 Ironic Things about Technology ...

By Alison

There are so many ironic things about technology that I hardly know where to start. It's supposed to make our lives easier, yet often causes far more problems than it solves. If you ever find yourself cursing at your laptop or smartphone, you'll know the feeling of wondering why you bother with these devices. Here are some of the ironic things about technology …

1 Our "Friends" Are Not Real Friends

One of the most ironic things about technology is that it allows us to believe we have hundreds of friends that we don't even know. How many 'friends' do you have on your Facebook list - 400, 500, 700? And how many of them have you met in real life? How many of those do you actually like? The majority of these so-called friends are nothing more than vague connections.

2 Cell Phones

The changing size of cell phones is another irony. Back in the Eighties cell phones started off enormous: Gradually they got smaller, and the tinier the model, the better. Now they're getting bigger again as we demand larger screens on our phones. We've been conditioned into thinking that we must always have the latest model - and that's expensive.


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3 Time Saving?

Technology is supposed to save time but we spend so much time fixing things that a time-saving device can actually be slower in the end. How often do devices go wrong? What's more, we also deliberately waste a lot of time using technology. Think of how much time we waste checking social media. Chances are we did something much more productive with our time before.

4 Built-in Obsolescence

Have you ever mused that technology used to last much longer? Your parents probably had a freezer that lasted decades, whereas now they seem to fail much faster. Technology is now built so that it is difficult to repair - and also expensive to fix. So when something goes wrong, you end up replacing it with a new version. And manufacturers make a lot more money.

5 We're Never Satisfied

The problem with technology is that we're never satisfied with what we've got. We always want to upgrade, and are of course encouraged to do so by the manufacturers. This is fueled by the wish to be seen to keep up with our friends, and leads to a constant replacing of devices long before they stop working.

6 Continually Advancing

Technology is continually advancing and 'improving,' so that what was once advanced technology soon becomes outdated. What was your first computer? You probably thought it was cutting edge at the time, yet compared to your current model it is now horribly slow. As soon as you buy a computer, they bring out a better model …

7 Predictions Are Usually Wrong

Finally, it's amusing how often predictions about technology are wrong. If you've seen one of those old programs about how the future would be, you will have laughed at how they thought we would all own flying cars and have robot servants by now!

Technology can be incredibly useful, but equally it can be very frustrating. It will probably continue to be full of ironies like the ones I've described. Yet we'll continue to use it; after all, what alternative is there? We're not going to go backwards. What annoys you most about technology?

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