7 Gift Ideas to Match Your Guy's Personality ...


These 7 gift ideas to match your guy’s personality can turn you into the best gift giver ever!

It’s important to know what gifts would make your guy happy, and that he would use often.

Nothing is worse than giving a gift he doesn’t like, and your gift ending up under a pile of clothes in his closet.

These tips for gift ideas to match your guy’s personality should help you avoid that!

1. Gamer Guy

If your guy is the kind that likes to play Call of Duty until 3AM, while yelling into the mic at people halfway across the country, you should probably get him something related to that.2

He’ll appreciate that you care about him enough to watch him play or help his gaming experience become better.

Buying a new game to his favorite series or a gaming chair that can be found at stores like Target is one of the best gift ideas to match your guy’s personality and can make him love you just as much as he loves his games!

2. Sports Guy

He’s the guy that watches sports all year, and I mean all of them.2

If he’s the guy that gets so intense when he’s watching a game that he screams at the television, chances are, he’ll love anything you give him that’s sports related.

The key is to find which sports related paraphernalia would make him the happiest.

I suggest getting him something personalized, like a bobble head that looks like him, adorned in his favorite team jersey, or if you want him get in on the live action, try getting season tickets at sites like StubHub to see his favorite teams!

3. Outdoorsy Guy

If he loves everything about nature, and being outdoors, then you should definitely get him something in that category.

Nature is beautiful and the fact that your guy wants to be surrounded by it is totally a good thing.2

But, in order for him to fully enjoy it, he’ll need a few things to help him (and you) on his adventures.

A good gift to give to this guy would be a cool survival kit or maybe a book that you find at Barnes &

Noble that lists plants that can be found in the wild that are edible or medicinal.

Nothing says outdoors ready like being able to handle yourself in a natural habitat.

Athletic Guy
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