10 Websites πŸ’» to Help You Become More Productive πŸ‘πŸΌ at Work πŸ“ ...


The internet doesn't have to be a distraction that takes you away from doing your work.

It can be a helpful tool if you use it right.

According to Imgur, here are a few websites that'll help you become more productive:

1. Plato Timer

Plato Timer

Schedule your breaks by going to Plato Web Design..

2. Habitica


If you love RPGs, head to Habitica to make your chores feel like a fun game.

3. ColdTurkey


Get Cold Turkey will block certain websites for you temporarily, so you won't get distracted by Facebook and Instagram.

4. Todoist


To Doist will make creating to-do lists easier than ever.

5. Studyblue


On Study Blue, you can make flashcards to study with.

6. Pocket


If you're doing a lot of research for an essay Get Pocket will help you save articles and sources.

7. Calm


Calm will help you meditate and relax, so you'll be ready to get work done.

8. Spreeder

This website (spreeder.com) is designed to help you learn to speed read.

When you can do that, you can get a ton of stuff done.2

9. Unroll.me

If you waste valuable time slogging through junk email and other stuff you don't need, sign up for this website (unroll.me) and you can filter out a lot of the stuff that's getting in the way of your productivity.

10. Self Control

If you want a built in device to keep you from spending too much time on certain websites, Self Control (selfcontrolapp.com) will block them for certain amounts of time.

What other websites have helped you become more productive?

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