7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween if Dressing up Isn't Your Thing ...


Often times we associate the fall season with harvest time, and thinking about all the fun ways to celebrate Halloween!

Colder air, fall leaves and the anticipation of this much-loved holiday are the heart-warming expectations of the season.

If you don't really desire to dress up, then this list of fun ways to celebrate Halloween is for you!

Read on and be inspired.

1. Host a Party

Host a Party

Hosting a Halloween party is one of the "grown-up" ways to celebrate Halloween.

You can choose to have a costume party or simply stick to cocktail attire with costumes as optional.

You can add a fun spin to it by providing Halloween-themed ordurves and cocktails!

2. Watch a Scary Movie and Eat Candy

Watch a Scary Movie and Eat Candy

Staying in and watching a scary movie while munching on your favorite treats is great way to celebrate this scary holiday!

Pop in a scary classic like The Exorcist, Frankenstein, or The Headless Horseman, or stick to newer horror films!

Invite friends along who are also in the mood for a low key celebration (you also won't be as scared!).

3. Be a Chaperone for Trick-or-Treaters

Be a Chaperone for Trick-or-Treaters

There's nothing cuter than kids dressing up as their favorite super hero or Disney princess on Halloween and completely enjoying themselves by asking neighbors for candy!

You can take part in the enjoyment by offering to chaperone for your friends who may have kids or even taking your own kids out for some awesome trick-or-treating excitement!

Either way, seeing the pure joy from kids on Halloween is sure to bring a smile to your face and release your inner child.2

4. Attend a Harvest Festival

Attend a Harvest Festival

Another alternative to Halloween of you're not a fan of traditional holiday parties or dressing up, is attending a harvest festival.

Most of the time these are catered with children and families in mind and have an array of fun games, prizes, food and candy.

You can offer to be a volunteer for one of these events and make a child's night one to remember!

Or take your family along for some harvest fun, take photos and make it a memorable experience.

Have a Pumpkin Carving Party
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