9 Foolproof Methods for Removing Stubborn Stains ...


I'm kind of a klutz, and in addition to making my partner laugh, my high level of clumsiness often leaves me researching the best methods for removing stains.2

Lipstick, mustard, coffee … I'm like a magnet for stains.

Maybe you have the same problem, maybe you have an accident prone partner, or maybe your kids are always spilling things on their clothes, the carpet, or your clothes.

Whatever your messes, I'm sure a few of these marvelous methods for removing stains will work for you!

1. Finish the Foundation Stains

I look for lots of methods for removing stains somehow related to makeup.2

Foundation, mascara, lipstick (wait for it!) – I get makeup all over my clothes.

My worst sin, however, is getting foundation on the collars and necklines of my clothes.

Do you have that problem too?

Next time it happens, smear a little shaving cream onto your stain, then just wipe with a washcloth.

It even works for liquid foundation!

2. Wine on Wine

Unbelievably, you can actually use wine to eradicate wine stains.

Here's how it works: if you spill red wine on your clothes or your gorgeous tablecloth, soak the item in some white wine.

After that, make a paste of baking soda and smear it over the stain, then give it a few hours to set.

After that, you can wash your garment or linen, and voila!

Au revoir, red wine.

3. Eradicating Oily Messes

Oil stains are the worst, but there are several ways to remove the stains.2

One method involves coating a stain using baby powder, after which you let it set through the night.

You'll find that, by the next day, the stain has disappeared – though if it hasn't, just try the baby powder trick again.

You can also use liquid dawn on oil and grease stains;

Dawn's kind of a miracle worker that way.

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