7 Excellent Reasons to Start Reading ...


Reasons to start reading are numerous, any book savvy person would tell you, yet, I doubt we fully understand how important books really are and how much we can all benefit from them!

A book will keep you occupied longer than any movie, it enables you to use your imagination and will help you learn a thing or two but that are not the only reasons to grab a book, a very good book, right now...2

there are more...

1. To Keep Your Mind Sharp

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” And if you can name the brilliant author behind this quote, I’m sure yours is as sharp as Valyrian steel!

A good book is more than an interesting way to fill a boring afternoon, it keeps your little gray cells working hard trying to soak the words in, create a face for each character, solve the presented mystery or figure out the next step and while you’re having a good time immersed in the world of choice, you’re also learning valuable lessons and facts that might come handy later in life.

To Expand Your Vocabulary
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