20 do's and Don'ts of Restaurant Dining ...


Every diner needs to know the do's and don'ts of restaurant dining. I think the experience of eating out should be good not just for the patrons, but also for the waitstaff. They work hard and, in most states, don't even make a living wage. That being said, I realizing that dining out is sort of like a dance; it requires careful choreography and certain things are needed from the servers and the people they serve. So let's take a look from both sides, shall we? Next time you head out to eat, think about the biggest do's and don'ts of restaurant dining.

1. Do: Tip

Of all the do's and don'ts of restaurant dining you will ever hear, this is the most important. A lot of people think that tipping is optional, but it's really not. Servers make their money through their tips; they have to pay taxes on tips, whether they receive them or not; and in many restaurants, they have to tip out to other members of the staff, such as the busboys, the host or hostess, and the bartenders, among others. That means that if you don't tip, or tip inadequately, they end up paying to serve you. Servers make far below minimum wage; sometimes their paychecks amount to nothing. In restaurants, the golden rule is that if you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't go out to eat. Remember, 15%-20% is standard, and it doesn't amount to much. Feel free to leave 25% or more for excellent service.

DON'T: Keep Complaints Entirely to Yourself
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