8 Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas ...


Cute gift wrapping ideas are a great way let your creative side out when it comes to gift presentation.

These days a gift bag or some simple wrapping paper and ribbon just wonโ€™t cut it.

Think outside of the box next time youโ€™re wrapping presents and embrace quirky gift toppers, fun embellishments, and unexpected wrapping choices.

Get inspired by these cute gift wrapping ideas.

1. Cloth Gift Wrap

Cloth Gift Wrap

When it comes to cute gift wrapping ideas, I like the idea of switching your normal paper gift wrap for fabric.

Itโ€™s much more sustainable, with the gift recipient less likely to throw out a beautiful piece of fabric than they would paper.

When wrapping the present, secure open ends with a safety pin, button, or knot.

The best part is if you use something like a vintage scarf, it could also act as a second present!

2. Sticker Fun

Sticker Fun

Another one of my favourite ways to spruce up some plain old gift wrap is with the addition of a few stickers.

Something as simple as those sticker dots or stars you get from office supply stores can look great when stuck on some wrapping paper.

For example, gold star stickers can look elegant while multicoloured sticker spots can create a confetti effect.

Alternatively, you could always use themed stickers to suit the occasion or gift recipient.

3. Puffy Pom Poms

Puffy Pom Poms

Pom poms are a really popular choice for crafts and decoration right now.2

You could use larger pom poms as statement gift toppers or use smaller pom pom strips instead of ribbon.

When it comes to gift wrapping, people are going pom pom crazy!

If you donโ€™t have the time or patience to make your own pom poms, you can always pick some up at a craft store.

4. Personalised Art

Personalised Art

If youโ€™re feeling a bit artistic, why not create your own personalised wrapping paper?2

It doesnโ€™t have to be anything too serious โ€“ maybe just a few watercolour splashes or brush strokes on some plain paper.

Make multiple copies by photocopying the fruits of your labour too.

Alternatively, if youโ€™ve got a little one, you could use their art works as wrapping paper for something a bit more sentimental when gifting presents to loved ones.

Stamped Gift Wrap
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