7 Common Problems You Face in Boarding School ...


The problems you face in boarding school can really make you a stronger person after going through them.

But most of the time, all they really are is useless, or just training your perseverance and patience real hard.

I mean like, some of the problems you face in boarding school are ridiculous and you just really don't need them.2

Sadly, they're inevitable.

1. Homesickness

This was the hardest thing I had to deal with the first time I went into boarding school.

It took me a whole week to get over it and I felt really pathetic because everyone seemed so content and unbothered like I'm the only one facing this problem.

Even if you don't feel it straight away, this will be one of the most difficult problems you face in boarding school.

But on the bright side, it won't last very long and everything will be fine afterwards.2

2. Annoying Roommates

This can be rather much of a pain when you don't get to choose your roommates.

A friend of mine spent the least possible time she could in her room because she didn't like her roommate.

Fortunately, I didn't have that problem.

Most schools would likely let you choose your roommate after your first term so no worries.

3. Shower Times

Waiting for the shower is seriously the most annoying thing ever.

Sometimes you just don't understand what people do in the showers that takes them so long.

I literally waited for ages in my room with false hope every time I hear a door open.

4. Shower Conditions

So you finally get the shower.

But then you find yourself grossed out by all the bits of hair lying around.

Though sometimes, if you're lucky you'll have nice people before you who'll cleanup when they're done.2

And back in my old boarding school, not all the shower facilities were equally good so everyone's always fighting for the best one.

You get people living on the second floor coming over to the first just to use the showers.

We girls took our showers really seriously.

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