7 Awesome Outdoor Party Games That Everyone Will Enjoy ...


Outdoor party games are serious summertime staples.

With the weather hotter than blazes, you might be tempted to spend all your time in the air conditioning or out at the beach, but on those precious days when the breeze is just right, you've got to get outside!

Whether you're hosting a laid back barbecue or hanging with your best friends in the park, outdoor party games will keep things lively, with just enough competition to ensure you all have a great time!

1. Simon Says

Sometimes you just have to indulge the kid inside of you.

Whether you're a teenager or a thirtysomething, you have to admit that Simon Says is the bomb.com.

(I really just said that;

I'm sorry.) Anyway, Simon Says is one of the best outdoor party games when you're just looking to be silly.

It's fun for adults and kids, but if the adults are a little tipsy, the entertainment value skyrockets.

2. Twister

Oh yes, you can play Twister outside!

I dare say it's more fun outside than in, because you can use chalk or paint to draw the circles on the grass and play out under the stars – or the sprinklers, if it's a particularly hot day.

Sometimes there's just nothing better than rolling around in the grass.

3. Horseshoes

I remember paying thousands of games of horseshoes as a child.

I learned from my father and my grandfather, who hosted a family reunion every summer.

This game always featured heavily, and it was even fun for the tots who couldn't throw the horseshoes very far.

Of course, my grandfather and great-uncles frequently played with a beer in hand, making for some very colorful insults full of Southern patois.

Anyway, if you don't have a pit, no worries.

Games like lawn darts and ring tosses are just as fun.

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