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You HAVE to SeeListen to This Epic "Frozen" Christmas Lights Display ...

By Vanessa

Let's be real, Frozen is no longer just a movie obsession, it's a way of life! It's been over a year that the film found its box-office success and the Frozen hype has yet to die down!

The Storms family in Austin, TX decided to embrace the popularity of Frozen's anthem, "Let It Go" and incorporate it into their wickedly awesome lights display. The family is the same one behind the "ListenToOurLights" YouTube channel, which means, yes, they do this every year! The Frozen segment is part of an hour-long show and the whole thing is VERY impressive and makes me wish I lived on their block! Check it out:

So, you're wondering about that random cactus too, right?! LOL, John Storms made sure to include an explanation in the video's description box: "The cactus has been part of our display before there was a display. My wife and I found it alongside the road and fell in love with it. (plus we live in Texas so we can get away with it)"

What'd you think of the show? To see more clips, head to their YouTube channel!

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