7 World Exotic Foods Every Gourmand Must Try ...


7 World Exotic Foods Every Gourmand Must Try ...
7 World Exotic Foods Every Gourmand Must Try ...

Exotic foods from around the world are sampled by thousands of tourists and travelers from the United States every year. From India to China, Iceland to Norway, there are some fantastic foods that some of us unfortunately never have the pleasure of tasting. If you are interested in learning about some lovely (!) foods from various places around the world – and perhaps are willing to try some – continue reading my list of 7 World Exotic Foods Every Gourmand Must Try!

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Scorpion Vodka

We’re all partial to a drink or two, but the idea of Scorpion Vodka may be a bit far for some of us! The vodka contains a real scorpion which is first detoxified and then put into the vodka to infuse for at least three months before being sold. The scorpion gives the vodka a soft woody flavor while also taking the sharpness out of the drink. If that isn’t enough reason to try this exotic food, there are meant to be various associated health benefits including lowering blood pressure and increasing libido.


Durian Fruit

A native fruit to Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, the Durian Fruit is one of the exotic foods that has people disagreeing as to its taste. Some people love the unusual flavor and pungent smell, whereas others find it utterly repulsive. One thing is for sure: you have to make up your own mind and give it a try!


Lizard Wine

If a Scorpion Vodka is a bit too far for you, how about lizard wine? The rice wine is placed in a clay vat with many Gecko Lizards. After being left for a year to ferment, the wine is strained resulting in a delightful green color. It has been said that drinking the Lizard Wine wards off evil and can improve your vision!


Civet Coffee

Coffee has been the staple hot drink of America for decades, but in recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of fine-quality coffees. If you are looking for an exotic and good quality coffee to quench your thirst, Civet Coffee is the perfect choice – made from the feces of the Common Palm Civet Cat (which eats fine coffee beans), Civet Coffee has become one of the most popular types of fine coffee. So fine, in fact, that British actor Stephen Fry gifted the Prince of Wales with the coffee as a wedding present!


Weasel Coffee

Even fans of exotic foods are a bit grossed out by drinking coffee made from the bowels of a cat, so perhaps you could try coffee made of regurgitated coffee beans from a weasel. The locals collect the vomit and roast it to form a very rich and chocolaty flavor, commonly served in espresso form in Vietnam.


Pearl Lollipop

Yes, this is made from real pearls – raw cane sugar, vanilla and ground pearls to be exact. As strange as it may seem in Western culture, in Asia pearls have been eaten for centuries, with beliefs that they help with conception and childbirth.


Ant Lollipop

To finish my list is a favorite of those with a sweet tooth: the exotic Ant Lollipop. Flavored with peppermint and containing real farmed ants, the lollipop has been compared by some as containing a type of hot pepper. The lollipop will provide you with an energy boost and some wonderful minty breath!

There you have it; my list of the 7 World Exotic Foods Every Gourmand Must Try. If you are inspired to try some of these wonderful culinary delights and manage to acquire some, please do leave a comment to tell us of your new discovery. Likewise if you have any other exotic foods that you feel others should sample, leave a comment!

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