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7 Words You Should Use Less Frequently ...

By Holly

You'll sound more professional if you cut certain words out of your vocabulary. While you're free to use the following words when you're chilling with your friends or scribbling in your diary, you don't want to use them when you're chatting with your boss or on a job interview. If you do, it could cost you your career or your reputation.

1 Filler Words

Anyone skilled in public speaking will tell you how dangerous it is to rely on filler words like "umm" and "like." If you need to pause to think of something to say, you should remain quiet instead of filling the silence with your grunts. You'll sound much more professional if you don't get terrified of pauses. Plus, haven't you ever gotten annoyed by someone who kept repeating the same words over and over? It'll be easier for others to listen to you and take you seriously if you avoid filler words.

2 Adverbs

This rule only applies to writers of fiction and essays. While adverbs are acceptable to use aloud, or when texting your friends, you should avoid them in class. If you don't already know, adverbs are words that modify an adjective or verb, such as "gently" and "joyfully." The majority of the time, they are redundant and don't add to the meaning of a sentence, which is why they're unnecessary.

3 Curse Words

Cursing is a great way to release your frustration, so you don't have to delete them from your vocabulary. You should just avoid using them in professional settings. Expand your vocabulary so you have other ways to express your annoyance that doesn't involve cursing out your boss or mother in law.

4 Slang Words

While it's fine to use slang when speaking with friends, you can't use it in an academic essay or when filling out a job application. If you use slang too often, you might forget that it's not acceptable speech wherever you go, and you could end up slipping in front of someone you should be more respectful to. In order to stop that from happening, cut down on your slang.

5 Negative Words

You should cut down on negative words like "can't" and "never," because they're harmful to your emotional state. If you want to become a more optimistic person, you need to fill your brain with positive words and thoughts. No more negative words allowed.

6 "Me," "Myself," and "I"

If you talk about yourself too often, then people will get bored of talking to you, because you'll come across as self-absorbed. That's why you need to ask about your friend's lives as much as you tell them about your own life. Once you make that tiny change, your social life will thrive.

7 Contractions

You already know that contractions aren't acceptable in essays, but sometimes it's best to avoid them in "real life" as well. While they're fine to use when you're trying to appear casual or say something short, breaking apart the word can make you sound more forceful. "I would never go out with him" sounds more serious than "I wouldn't go out with him," so avoid contractions when you want to make a bold point.

These words are fine to use every once in a while (after all, I've used most of them in this article). However, you should cut down on them, especially in professional situations. What words do you hate to hear people use?

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