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Why is It so Hard to Make Friends ?

By Bethaya

I'm here to share with you why it's hard to make friends and what to do about it. I enjoy writing encouraging posts to everyone who is passing by and I thought today would be a good day to talk about a struggle a lot of young adults go through. Especially when you move to a new place or have a job where you don’t interact with other people.

Making friends is hard.

There has always been a line between real friends and the friends you interact with so you have someone to socialize with at school/work.

It can be hard to get past that line or find someone who is willing to extend their friendship outside of that space.

Why? Because most people have lives outside of school/work and they don’t want to change their routine. Or they simply don’t have the time to devote to a real friendship.

So for us socially awkward people that struggle to get out of their comfort zone, making friends is already hard. Now try to make friends without a job or school to meet people at. How is this possible? I saw many people struggle with not making connections simply because they lived off campus in college. Some people participate in college online. Some people work from home. Some people have so many jobs that they are always running around and not thinking about a life outside of it all.

So if you’re struggling to make connections, I understand completely. But I am taking steps to become more involved in the world around me instead of staying in my imagination. So, here's why it's hard to make friends and what to do about it

1 Meet-up App

A good place to start? Those meet-up apps. I have downloaded one I really want to try. I might even make a review post.

2 Club or Activity

Another good idea? Join a club or activity. This might seem weird because this sounds like something you’d do in school. But we all know about adult book clubs. There are clubs for everything under the sun out in the real world. You just have to look.


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3 Express Interest

Last but not least, express your interest in friendship to those around you at work. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, it can be nice to have someone to text every once in a while.

We all know that friends can be virtual too! Whatever makes you happy because life is too short not to share it with others.

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