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Are Feminazis Real?

By Nuria

In these more-enlightened times with greater focus on and understanding of feminism, it's not unreasonable to ask "are feminazis real" Is the “feminazi” a real character or an invention?

It seems to me that more and more disagreements are presented as wars between two crazed extremes, instead of realizing that there are gray areas, or middle grounds, which more often than not are where the truth lies. This is particularly true when we refer to feminists and feminism. Are feminists crazy insane unshaven trolls who hate all men? Are feminists unnecessary because a woman “almost” became president? Once again, the truth will fall somewhere in the middle. So let's examine it! **"are feminazis real"? **

1 Of Course We Still Need Feminists

Our job here is not done. The statistics are pretty clear. For example: In the Fortune 500, only 24 women occupy the position of CEO or COO. This does not tell the whole story, because part of the reason is that women make different choices when it comes to careers. But let’s not fool ourselves. Sexism is part of the problem too.

2 Of Course Women in the US Are Better Today

In a huge part of the world, the situation for women is not as advanced as it is in the US. Women are still, depending on the country and culture, not allowed to drive, not allowed to own property, not allowed to work, and not allowed to get an education. All of these women need our support. We can be their voices until they are empowered to speak for themselves.

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3 If That is True, Why do so Many Young Women do Not Label Themselves as Feminists?

I believe it is partly because some feminists have equated feminism with the suppression of men’s rights. Feminists who ignore the progress that women have been making do us no favors. Feminists who blame all men do us no favors. Feminists who ignore the fact that men are also victims of violence do us no favors. In short, feminazis do women no favors. Let’s not forget the most important lesson here: Women’s rights are human rights and those are worth defending.

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