What is Latinx?


What is  Latinx?
What is  Latinx?

What is Latinx?? Who wants to be called Latinx? The argument is it is a less determinist and a more inclusive form of the words it replaces — "Latino" for males and "Latina" for females. The word has been both embraced and rejected by Hispanics. It sparks discussions about privilege, gender and identity in certain circles. Pronounced “La-teen-ex,” Latinx is a gender-neutral term for those of Latin American heritage. And according to Mark Hugo Lopez of the Pew Research Center, it is a uniquely American take on identity. What are the pros of using the term? Here are 3 good reasons to answer the question what is Latinx?

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Spanish is a gendered language and there tends to be an exaggerated pride (machismo) in masculinity within the culture. Latinx does not help reinforce patriarchal norms, but rather is inclusive of individuals who are transgender, gender non-conforming and gender fluid.


Evolving Community

The Hispanic population is growing in the United States and is more open to conversations about gender and sexism. It is the beginning of a linguistic revolution and they adapt to survive in their environment and adapt language. It is vital to expressing who they are and being able to explain their identity to others.


Embrace Indigenous Roots

As proud mestizos, members of the diaspora can use the term to acknowledge their indigenous heritage. The letter “X” was found in many indigenous languages.

Latinx continues its march into more news websites and paper publications amid growing public awareness of sexism as well as transgender and non-binary gender issues.

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