Which Superhero Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign ?


Which Superhero Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign ?
Which Superhero Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign ?

Ever wondered which superhero are you according to your star sign? I think we can all agree that, no matter how much you really know about them, superheroes are awesome! One of the great things about superheroes, especially in this modern age, is that there is pretty much someone to look up to for everyone, no matter where they come from or what their interests and background are. In fact, did you know that you can be matched to a superhero based only on the month that you happened to be born? It’s all about astrology and the zodiac calendar, and it’s whole lot of fun! Here is the answer for which superhero are you according to your star sign.

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You always feel a great sense of responsibility to those around you, which means that there can be no other comparable superhero except Supergirl!



You are sweet as sugar usually, but if somebody gets on your bad side, you have a hard time keeping it subtle! Say hello to your alter ego, The Incredible Hulk!



You will always be the girl cracking a joke at a serious time to try to ease the tension, your great wit is your biggest weapon, kind of like Deadpool!



You are an optimist who really does believe in magic of all kinds, so there is no other hero to compare you to other than Harry Potter himself!



You are the life and soul of the party, somebody who likes to live their life at 100 miles per hour. You know who else lives life in the fast lane? The Flash!



You are a little bit kooky and a little bit clever and you have a real problem with settling on a definitive look, which is exactly like the one and only Doctor Who!



There is a very methodical nature to your personality; you like to swing from thing to another in a timely but efficient manner, which is very reminiscent of the way that Spider-Man likes to conduct himself!



What you lack in natural talent, you make for in your genius. You can come up with a solution to pretty much any problem, very much like our friend Batman. He doesn’t have any supernatural powers, but he certainly gets the job done!



You are naturally one of the shyest people in your social circle, but when the mood strikes you, you can live it up like the best of them! It feels like the diminutive Antman is your perfect match.



You are a strong independent woman and to be quite frank, you leave everyone shaking and awestruck in your wake, you deserve none other than the queen of them all, Wonder Woman!



You have the ability to make all of the definitive decisions in your social circle, and they are always decisions that go down well. A strong presence who rarely does wrong? Sounds like Thor to me!



You are sensual and seductive and you aren’t afraid to use your feminine wiles in order to get what you want, very much like our old friend Catwoman!

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