What do Your Dreams Mean?

By Karen

Ever wondered what do your dreams mean? Symbols are the language of dreams. They can invoke a feeling or an idea and frequently have deeper meaning than words can convey. You are probably the best person to correctly interpret your own dreams because they emerge from your subconscious mind. How can you decipher the symbolic language of dreams? Work with them in simple ways to unpack their personal meaning. Here is a look at the answer for what do your dreams mean?

1 Falling

This means either you are feeling that you have no control over your life and relationships or that you are finally letting go of something that is weighing you down.

2 Being Chased

This dream indicates that you are feeling anxious or stressed by your duties and responsibilities and you feel the urge to run away from it all. It also means you have been neglecting something important in your life.

3 Waves

Have you dreamed of seeing a huge tidal wave in an ocean? It can provoke feelings of dread, resignation, or excitement. The ocean symbolizes unconscious processes and it could be a premonition of changes to come. Waves also symbolize creative urges.

4 Food

A dream that involves being surrounded by a lot of food or binge eating indicates knowledge and fortune. Food is a symbol of success and wealth coming your way!

5 Driving

Driving symbolizes your path in life. How you drive in your dream tells you how you feel about your lifestyle. Is it slow and safe or reckless and adventurous? Your feelings during a driving dream could signify how you feel about your present and future.

It is interesting to pay attention to your dreams because they are honest mirrors of your existence. And they can offer solutions to problems.

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