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Looking for ways to simplify your life? If that sounds like a joke, I promise it's possible, even though it is extremely challenging in today's world. Simplifying our lives is hard today, because life has become so overly complicated for most of us. We are constantly given messages and images that steal our attention, obligations we must meet, and consistent demands of our families, jobs, desires, exercise routines, healthy lifestyles, and who has time to think about hobbies anymore? It can make you tired, miserable, and downright depressed if you keep all this up for too long. So what you might just need is a few ways to simplify your life a little. Here’s how to slow down and remove some complication from your life. Try it and let me know if it works for you!

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Get up a Little Earlier

One of the best ways to simplify your life is to create a little more quiet time for yourself. For most people, this is best done in the morning before anyone else gets up, and when have pure quiet to just sit and think. Don’t you just miss that? Getting up earlier each morning will be hard, but if you consistently do it, that quiet time in the morning can be used to destress before the day even starts, and can give you focus for the day. It also seems to give you a more sense of peace and clarification, which makes life so much easier.


Do Laundry Once

Instead of doing several loads of laundry all week, start doing just one huge laundry session on a day that you have more time. Doing it all throughout the week just makes you more stressed when clothes are lying everywhere, and you don’t have time to fold them. Then before you know it, you’re digging through baskets all over the place digging for yours and your kids’ clothes. So start doing your laundry once a week, then you can line your clothes up for the week, and avoid coming home to mountains of laundry throughout the week.


Cook Double

When you cook, which hopefully you do a few times a week for your health and your finances, then cook double. Eat the leftovers for lunch the next day, and if you can, make even more than just a double serving and consider using the leftovers for dinner the next night, or lunch the following day after that. It will give you an easy meal that’s ready in the fridge, and there will be less food prep you’ll have to worry about later. Plus everyone knows how good leftovers are, right?


Shop Once

Shopping once a week is also something I’d suggest anyone do to simplify life. Buy enough for the week, and that’s it. That way you know you’ll use up all your food, and you know on your shopping day exactly what you’ll need. This will also help your budget big time! Keep a running list of things you’ll usually always need too. This can be kept on your phone and can easily be seen when you’re at the store and you realize you left your list at home.


Say No Sometimes

I know most of us get asked to do so many things through the week and they pile up before we know it. Instead of feeling obligated to saying yes to everyone, what about you just saying no sometimes? People will understand, I promise. Promise yourself you’ll give yourself at least three nights a week at home to yourself. It’s the best way to ensure you eat at home on those occasions, get a proper night’s rest, and spend time with your family (or in my case), your dog!


Use a Financial Planner

Finances stress me out, like they do most everyone, so I like using a financial planner to help me. I keep all my finances and my budget in a document on Google Drive, so I can view it and edit it live from my phone or computer, straight from Google. I also keep my grocery list this way too by the way! I also suggest using Mint.com, or another personal financing system that can help you see where your dollars are going, and keep up with your bills at the same time.


Keep It Simple and Walk

I know one thing that probably overcomplicates your life is diet and exercise. So, one thing I’d suggest is to first stop listening to every new diet out there, and start eating more simple foods. When you eat clean, simple, whole foods you not only take the mental stress out of dieting and eating, but you also give your body exactly what it wants to lose weight and keep it off for life. Oh, and about that exercise? Walking, yes simple walking, does wonders for weight loss, guaranteed. Just 30 minutes a day is all it takes, preferably 45 if weight loss is your goal.

Sometimes, we all just want to think less and enjoy life more. I find these little tips above help me live a less stressful life, and make things easier, even in the smallest ways. Having more time to yourself is the best way to gain more happiness, because it gives you time to focus on and do things you enjoy. Then, when you’re around people you love and care for, or when you’re at work, you can be your best self. How do you simplify your life to gain more happiness?

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Great stuff, Heather! I just bought 'Organising for Dummies' ! My over-complicated life is a real stress factor, so thanks for the tips. x

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