7 Easy Ways to Start Your Day off Right ...


Knowing a few ways to start your day off right will improve your health, attitude, and mentality overall. We are all in control of our own happiness but not all of us take the reins. Here’s a few ways to start your day off right and be happier.

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Wake up Earlier

One of the ways to start your day off right is to wake up earlier. You would be surprised how much you can get done in the morning. For example, waking up earlier gives you a chance to make a healthier lunch (thus saving you money from buying lunch later in the day) and leaving the house early to avoid traffic. Plus, waking up earlier gives you more time to finish chores earlier in the day so you have your evenings free.



Squeezing in a light jog before work or early in the morning will benefit you in many ways. First, it will ramp up your digestive system and help with your fitness. Plus, a sort workout will make you more alert and get the blood flowing through your body, thus eliminating early morning grogginess.



The most important meal of the day is breakfast. Not only does it boost your digestive system and keep it running throughout the day, but it helps bring up your blood sugar levels overall bringing up your energy. Many people skip breakfast, but your body has most likely not had any fuel in it for 9+ hours. As a result you’re setting yourself up to be sluggish and tired throughout the day.



A key factor in what determines your day is what you did the night before. If you postponed studying for a test the night before, you’ll be cramming the day of. It’s the same with sleep - if you stay up late and deny your body the necessary rest it needs, you’ll be running low on fuel the next day. The best thing you can do for yourself tomorrow is to get enough sleep, tonight!


To-do List

If you have a busy day ahead of you, nothing will keep you cool, calm and collected like a to-do list. A to-do list will visually and mentally prep you for what’s ahead for today and what needs to get done. Overall, your day will be more efficient and organized.


Review Your Calendar

Make it a habit to review your daily schedule so you don’t miss anything. For example, you might have an appointment tonight that you forgot about or you’ve made plans with friends after work. It’s best to review what you have planned for each day so you don’t end up forgetting and flaking.


Positive Attitude

You get what you put in. That’s goes for your attitude too. If you have already decided in your mind that today is going to be crappy day then it will be a crappy day. Be excited for the day ahead even if you have a presentation you’re dreading, or you have to catch up on all your chores today. Remember, time flies when you’re having fun, so have fun in any situation – even the worst ones.

What you do in the morning really affects the rest of your day and that’s why it’s important to start the day off right. What are other ways to start the day off right?

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