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Getting to work can be such a chore, but there are ways to make commuting easier. It’s so easy to switch off and let the journey pass in a fug of wasted time, but you can actually put the time to good use and make it feel less tiresome too. Ways to make commuting easier not only make the time go more quickly, but can steal you a march on the day, improve your outlook, make you productive, enhance your intellect and entertain you.

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Learn a New Language

Whether you drive or ride, one of the fun ways to make commuting easier is to learn a new language. Not only does it open up new worlds for you personally, it contributes to your value as an employee or business owner, and even helps you learn a little bit about how your own language is constructed. Audio language programs may require some audio repetition, so they may be more beneficial for drivers rather than riders. However, riders can participate in programs involving visuals where drivers can’t. Several programs are free and can be downloaded from the internet, others are available to purchase.


Read or Listen to Books

If you drive, make commuting easier by listening to a book on CD or downloaded to a smart phone. In no time at all you can be commuting to the classics or any genre you choose. You may become so engrossed in a story you won’t mind a traffic jam at all. Riders can either listen to recorded stories or actually read books, or download a book onto an e-reader. Many libraries offer recorded books on CDs, or on MP3 or WMA files. Some electronic files can be downloaded directly from the library’s website. Downloads to e-readers usually involve some cost.


Take Classes

Many people are involved in online college classes, and those classes often have recorded lectures to listen to. If you can, reserve some of these lectures for your commute time. Many classes are free online, although no credit is usually offered for free classes. Some websites offer a menu of lectures you can either download for free or pay for; others include visuals, so these are best suited for those who ride rather than drive. Who knew educating yourself on the move could also teach you how to have an easier commute?


Listen to Music

This is one of the most common ways to make commuting easier, or at least a little more enjoyable. However, if you are already stressed by a commute, it’s probably best not to blast heavy metal or other loud, hard-edged music. What may energize you at one part of the day may only agitate you during a commute. A study conducted by the University of Florence concluded that listening to a half hour of classical music per day can actually reduce blood pressure, so this might be the best music to choose during a commute. If driving alone, or with particularly understanding friends, singing to music relieves stress, even commuter stress.



Chances are, you’ve got something you will have to say or write that needs to be carefully worded. Maybe it’s a presentation, a talk with the boss, talking to a teacher, an email you need to write or even actual script to a play or presentation. Rehearsing it will make you come across as well prepared and your ideas will seem to others to be well thought out. This is beneficial even if you’re involved in sports. Mental rehearsal of techniques and skills is associated with better performance when actually engaging in the sport.

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Check Your Inboxes

If you’re driving, you should never do this, but if you ride, it’s a perfect time to catch up on emails, texts and other communications. Write or respond to emails, sort through which ones can be answered later and organize your inbox. Check out all those alerts from social media sites, and if it’s a long commute, respond to a few. Answer or send texts and listen to your voicemail. If it’s not too disruptive to other passengers, answer or make a few calls.



Relaxing doesn’t seem like something that’s all that easy while on a commute, but you may have to seriously concentrate on relaxation techniques to lower your anxiety. Focus on your face muscles and let the go completely lax. Relax your neck muscles and your shoulders. Breathe in and out slowly. Feel the vibration of the car or other vehicle. If your mind wanders to things in the future or past, imagine a blank screen or some other serene location that calms you, and force yourself to live in the moment. If riding, you can close your eyes or add a visual element, like pictures or videos of rolling waves or billowy clouds you can view on your smart phone.

You can make commuting more positive rather than something that starts off the day on a bum note. What ways to make commuting easier do you follow?

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