7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe during Fireworks Season ...


Although fireworks are beautiful and I love how they accessorize the night sky with their glitter and gold, our pets can get very scared during fireworks season and there are some ways to keep your pets safe that I would like to share.

Our pets don't understand the significance of Bonfire Night or Christmas, so as exciting as these fireworks may be for us, the noises are super stressful for them. These ways to keep your pets safe during fireworks season should help keep them calm and happy.

1. Favorite Place

One of the first ways to keep your pets safe and happy during fireworks season, is to ensure they have unrestricted access to their favorite places in the house. Maybe they have a favorite room or a favorite spot behind that wardrobe. Having unlimited access to their favorite spot will mean that they will feel a little less stressed as they're in a familiar place. Where cats are concerned, make sure that their litter and food is nearby too.

Windows, Curtains and Doors
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